Help your students to develop their daily creativity using these short, easy-to-follow videos!

Creative thinking is a skill, and like any skill, developing it requires practice. This course is aimed at teachers who wish to incorporate creative thinking skills into their classroom environments, and to do so in a way that is compatible with their students' learning habits. The course is taught through a combination of short videos (maximum 10 minutes) and guided practice. It comes with a workbook that students can fill in along with the lesson videos (recommended), or work through on their own time. The lessons are short, the activities are simple, and you can practice the skills during your normal daily routine.

Each video introduces you to a new element of the creative thinking process, and we will encourage you to apply the skill to your normal classroom environment. Each video builds on the previous ones, so over the course of a few weeks you and your students will have learned a lot, and practiced even more!

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