"I think I finally realize, it's now or never! No more waiting. I must be creative at all times; it's about how one lives! I don't need to be retired, to have a million dollars, to have the children out of the way before I can be creative!”

“Let me add my voice to the chorus of thanks for this thought-provoking, inspiring class. It has changed the way I think about creativity, and may even change my life. You're doing wonderful work!”

"I have done all of the exercises, and gone through all of the lectures and I feel like I have been creatively unbound. I think if you put the work in, and really take the reflective practice seriously, it frees something up inside of you."

“Life is easier and more pleasant. Why didn't I take action before now? Guess I never thought of it!”

“For this course being free, I have to say they didn't skimp on content. Amazing course!”

"I really enjoyed the course and have told many of my friends and colleges about it.  Going through the content has fostered a renewed confidence in my creative abilities.  I enjoyed the videos, assignments and theory.  It was well worth taking this course.”